Infrastructure & Facilities

Assembly of Christ School is a place where children are encouraged to say
"I see it, I get it and I can do it”.



Class Rooms

Get high-quality and reliable education for your children right here with the Smart class options that we have. Assembly of Christ School is definitely one of the best english medium school in barrackpore.

Smart Class

Assembly of christ school, the best higher secondary school in barrackpore, benefitted us every aspect of our life right communication to education. In ancient days students were taught in a gurukul where they were taught by the gurus. But this system was replaced by modernized culture. New methods of teaching have been introduced which is known as smart class. It uses instructional material, 3D animated modules and videos. Now the students are thrilled at this concept of innovation and interactive learning process. The concept of digitized classroom has not only made education interesting but a chance to students to enhance their performance.


A counsellor helps people talk about their feelings. This could be because of relationship difficulties, grief or to help deal with everyday life. The role builds a relationship by agreeing to what will be discussed, encouraging them to talk about their feelings, listening carefully, asking questions and checking that one understands them. Keeping conversation and content confidential is of utmost importance.



ACS Biology laboratory is well equipped to carry out practical classes for classes 9 to 12 and It also supports activity based teaching. ACS is the best english medium school in kolkata.


Best higher secondary school in barrackpore, we also focus on physics. The lab in ACS is a place where pupils find answers to their questions by analyzing data, gaining hands on experience and acquiring scientific habits that help them engage in active learning. The physics lab is geared towards project based learning and can accommodate 30-40 pupils at a time.


The lab is well furnished, tiled and well ventilated. The lab has well experienced trained lab assistants to help the pupils in the laboratory. It can accommodate 30-40 pupils at a time.Individual work space is provided to all the pupils. The lab is well equipped with all necessary equipment to carry out practical and activity based teaching up to ISC level.


“ We are changing the world with Technology.”
-Bill Gates
ACS, the best schools in Barrackpore going to same direction. Technology has become an integral part of education these days. Children like to be interactive, and with the help of technology learning becomes more fun and interesting. So the well equipped computer lab is intended to help the pupils of our school adapt to advanced technology.

Home Science

The objective behind the introduction of Home Science to the pupils of Assembly of Christ School, irrespective of gender, was to bring a transformation in them through regular practical classes and making ACS the best schools in Barrackpore.


The ACS Library is one of the hallmark of the school. The library houses a wide variety of books and journals. It serves as a storehouse of information related to prescribed text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit among the pupils of the School. Assembly of Christ School is the best school in barrackpore.
The Library comprises of more than 5000 books of different subjects. The ACS Library supports educational aims of the school by making the library central and integral to the independent learning processes within the school. It provides an environment which encourages relaxation and private reading. Renowned works of Fiction, Classics, Self Help Books, Science & Technology Periodicals, Journals related to History and Culture, Manorama YearBook, Current Affairs, Quiz Books, Subject Dictionaries, Theasaurus,
Encyclopedia, Fairytales, Bedtime Stories, Mythological books,
Magazines-Sports Car,
Telegraph Graphiti, Business Today, Front line Open, The Week, Outlook, India Today.
Reference books and Test Papers for all subjects of all streams.
Monthly Resource Magazine-TEACHER ,Campus Counsellor.
Newspaper-The Times of India,Telegraph……are available in our ACS library.

Extra Curricular

Our school also provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities for the students such as dance festivals, competitions, events, and much more. All of that makes us top boarding school in kolkata.

Care and Security

Security of the students is of prime concern for us and hence we provide facilities such as CCTV Cameras, In-house Medical Support, and much more. Our ICSE School in Kolkata will definitely meet your requirements for sure.

CCTV Camera

Security cameras play an important role in most organizations. In school this tool is used to ensure a safe environment for students and faculty alike. A strict monitoring pattern on the school campus eliminates high risks, promoting a safe, positive school climate.

Inhouse Medical Support

“Among the most sacred gifts you can give your child is the gift of health. This gift is best given by example.”
– Dr. Rand Olsan
Assembly of Christ School not only emphasizes on academics but also on the health and wellness of our pupils, as we believe, ‘ a sound health is synonymous with a creative mind.’
The school has an infirmary within the premises where injured and sick pupils can rest. It is staffed by an experienced doctor and a qualified and trained nurse. The nurse is present at all times during the working hours of the school. Pupils with different ailments receive immediate medical aid before the parents take over their charge.
Medical equipment such as beds, stethoscope, first aid kits, etc.are available in the infirmary. In case of an emergency requiring medical support, the pupil is shifted to the nearest hospital and parents are informed of the same. Proper hygiene and sanitation in and around the infirmary is also taken care of.

Boarding Facilities

The ACS  is a fine blend of comfort and safety where structures and open spaces  merge  beautifully to create a vibrant  environment  for congenial co existence. Pupils of ACS family find school an extension of their home, palace where learning takes place in a caring  and safe environment under the care of pastoral staff.
If you are planning to send your warding to a best school in barrackpore, then Assembly of christ school is  the best choice for you. It is one of the best english medium school in the city of Kolkata.
with  a lush green campusofb6 acres, well equipped with all modern educational located in the lap of the river Ganga. The school offers the ideal environment to nurture the young minds. The boarding facilities of ACS are high standard. ACS provides secure and happy environment for all the children . ACS has separate  house for both girls and  boys. Each dormitory has  a facility for more than 100 children. Both boys and girls hostel  has well ventilated dormitories which are spacious. Each pupil is given a bed equipped with storage space, cupboards,  study table book rack, soft boarder pin- ups. Large windows in each dormitories not only allow natural light to flow but also allow pupils to enjoy the scenery outside.

Transport Facilities

To ensure safe travel the higher schools in barrackpore provides bus facility to the students. The school buses ply on all important routes. They are designed with CCTV surveillance, first aid and manned by well-trained drivers and helpers to take care of the children. For supervision and monitoring, a lady attendant is on board throughout the journey. Mobile phones are provided in each bus that ensures efficiency in terms of better communication in case of emergencies. Punctuality is a priority and the school does not compromise in any way on it. The school ensures that all the steps are taken to make the journey to and from school smooth and secure for each child.

Sports Facilities

Assembly of Christ School not only focuses on academics but also on the overall development of a child. Boys and Girls are motivated to take active part in both outdoor and indoor games so that they become more confident, competitive and disciplined in their lives. Experienced trainers are a prime motivational support for both individual athletes and teams. Champions are born here under the tutelage of such trainers. we are the best Play Group Schooling in Barrackpore.