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Assembly of Christ School is a place where children are encouraged to say
"I see it, I get it and I can do it."

Welcome to Assembly of Christ School, The best schools in barrackpore, kolkata. ACS is a place where children are encouraged to say ” I see it, I get it and I can do it”. Today, the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be life long learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever changing society. In this constantly ever changing society the young minds are countered with drastic changes in their environment. In these formative years, they need a tranquil and natural learning environment . And the ambience of Assembly of Christ School provides all these to the child. With the ever increasing demand of competitions, fast changing values and pressure of the challenging career it has become difficult for the individuals to maintain their prime values intact. As a higher secondary school barrackpore, we try to imbibe values of love, culture and know ledge through education that enables them to standstill in the society.

Aims & Objectives

The greenery of the school campus provides a healthy environment for children to learn and grow. The school pledges to fight against pollution, the devil threatening the humans and their abode – the Earth. Various drives are included in the activity list of the school calendar to enable the pupils understand the value of an eco-friendly environment. It will not be out of context to mention that the school is a plastic free zone and stresses on the significance of conserving the natural resources. Assembly of christ school has grown into the best English medium school in Barrackpore.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. As a school, we shape the future of the Nation and in turn build global citizens. We inculcate among our pupils the motto of Discipline, Diligence and Devotion. The three D’s enable our pupils not only to be self reliant but also to be philanthropic. The best school in barrackpore(ACS) believes that each child is talented and is blessed with innumerable skills and possibilities. It is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers to nurture these possibilities and gift the world with world citizens. We are committed to bring out the best of each child and cater to all their needs necessary for holistic development.

The school is affiliated to the Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. The classes range from Lower Nursery to class XII. ACS, The higher secondary school barrackpore, provides education to almost 1300 pupils coming from various sections of the society. Assembly of Christ is an all inclusive school and we preach equality and do not discriminate among pupils. Many first generation learners have been taught in this school and today they are successfully placed in the society. Each pupil is known for his own merit and not by the occupation or profession of his parents.

The school has a team of highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers. The teachers are compassionate and the pupils find a confidante in them. Completion of syllabi is not their only motive. The teachers are resolute to help the pupils grow confident and fulfill their aspirations and try to grow Assembly of Christ School becoming one of the best schools in barrackpore. While the world is almost on the verge of forgetting the ethos of the Guru-Shishya relation, our school stands strong on the principle and is a living example of a teacher- student relation that rises above any touch of commercialization.

Principal’s Message

The colourful pages of this offical website of Assembly of Christ School is just the key to a vast wonder world of education – An icse school in kolkata, where learning is fun. When I look back to the year 1998, I wonder how that small school, Whose foundation was laid in a small bungalow at 29, Riverside road, Barrackpore has today turned out to be an important seat of education in the suburb with discipline as its top-most priority, the school has always focused on shaping good moral characters and not mere careerist with no humanity. Over the years, the school has successfully helped in nation building by inculcating good values among its pupils. The carefully trained and dedicated teachers leave no stone unturned to teach the boys and girls in such a way that we can proudly call them ‘Education’ and not just ‘Qualified’. I do hope that the tradition of Assembly of Christ School will continue and the good name of the institution will be held high and become the best english medium school in barrackpore.

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Life At ACS

In Assembly of Christ School, we do not merely set target for results, we try to impart the lesson of being upright in life. With confusion, corruption and commotion all around, the young minds are truly disturbed as they cannot decide which road is to be taken. Pupils in the age group of fifteen and seventeen years are the most affected as they often find it difficult to balance between the academic pressure and personal grooming. We take pride in stating that we have been successful in navigating these bright souls in the right direction . The journey of the pupils in acs is very smooth as they know there is always someone ready to extend a hand to hold, an ear to hear, a tongue to console, a heart to feel and a mind to advice and that someone is none but the teacher. Our efforts have borne fruits and we have been gifted with happy, contented and confident children.

Our Team


Rev. K Paul Victor Principal
Mrs. Lalitha  Victor Secretary
Mr. Sam Korati Director


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